Good Deeds

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others. This definition is purposefully broad to include many different ways in which you can help and engage those less fortunate within your local or global community. While many of us would love to donate lots of money to worthy charitable causes, as young adults ourselves, we at Generocksity understand that student loans, rent and textbooks tend to get in the way of our abilities to give back. 

But have no fear, there is a solution. Giving back with your time can be just as valuable as donating your money. For this reason Generocksity has decided to launch across all our branches, Good Deeds, an opportunity for young adults to come out on trips to help others in the community, such as by serving food at a soup kitchen, distributing blankets at a homeless shelter or making a sick child laugh at the hospital. And since we know how busy you all are, we'll coordinate everything with the charitable organizations and even arrange your transportation, all you have to do is show up!

During our Good Deeds, you will not only be able to do some good but also learn tremendously about different local charities and the marginalized populations they support. This can also be an opportunity for you to sample different forms of volunteering to discover which is the best fit for you.



From Generocksity x BOS Backpack Run (February 2017)

"Waking up to snow at 6 am I began to question my decision to volunteer with Generocksity on a back pack run on the Downtown Eastside instead of sleeping in. However, after imagining the sleeping conditions of the homeless the supplies were going to, the snow did not stop me from going but instead reinforced why I was going in the first place; to give back to those that do not have the same advantages as I do. By handing out sandwiches, clothing, and socks to the homeless on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside we were able to show these people that they were not forgotten.

Some of the most enjoyable moments of the trip were when I was able to make a connection with the recipients, as most often they were grateful and appreciative. One woman, in particular, was so overjoyed upon receiving a pair of pink mittens that she got a group of us to stand in a circle and say what we were thankful for, it was a moment I won’t soon forget.

I had fun volunteering on the Downtown Eastside with Generocksity while also becoming aware of the small things that I take for granted such as a new pair of socks. Through volunteering with Generocksity I was able to give back to a part of my community which often is invisible to me in a way that is respectful to those that you are helping. I am so thankful that I was able to partake in this Good Deeds Trip and look forward to the other trips I plan on attending in the future!"

- Anna Colpitts, Second Year Arts

For more information about our Good Deeds trips go to or join our Facebook group Generocksity - Vancouver | Good Deeds.