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The Environment and Sustainability goal is aimed at protecting the environment as well as improving sustainability through consumption, innovation and awareness.

UBC Programs:

Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering


Bachelor in Environmental Design


Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Environment and Sustainability)


Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation


Bachelor in Urban Forestry


Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems


Bachelor of Science in Oceanography


Bachelor of Science in Biology


Bachelor of Science in Oceanography


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences


Bachelor of Commerce with Concentration in Sustainability


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ANTH 360: Introduction to Ecological Anthropology

ANTH 461: Anthropological Study of Local Ecological Knowledge

APBI 265: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

APBI 416: Animal Welfare and Conservation Biology

ASIC 200: Global Issues in the Arts and Sciences

ASTU 210: Global Citizenship Part 1

BIO 230: Fundamentals of Ecology

BIO 420: Ocean Conservation and Sustainability

CHBE 373: Water Pollution Control

CHBE 484: Green Engineering Principles and Applications for Process Industries

CHBE 485: Air Pollution Prevention and Control

CHEM 301: Aqueous Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 302: Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 341: Global Challenges: A Chemical Perspective

COMM 495: Business and Sustainable Development

COMM 386G: Social Entrepreneurship

COMM 388: Design Methods for Business Innovation

CONS 101: Introduction to Conservation

CONS 200: Foundations of Conservation

CONS 210: Visualizing Climate Change

CONS 330: Conservation Science and Sustainability

CONS 440: Conservation Policy

ECON 371: Economics of the Environment

ECON 471: Economics of Nonrenewable Resources

ECON 472: Economics of Renewable Resources

ENVR 200: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVR 400: Community Project in Environmental Science

ENVR 410: Energy, Environment and Society

ENVR 430: Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability

EOSC 314: The Ocean Environment

EOSC 315: The Ocean Ecosystem

EOSC 340: Global Climate Change

EOSC 474: Marine Pollution

FRST 415: Sustainable Forest Policy

GEOB 102: Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems

GEOB 103: Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes

GEOG 310: Environment and Sustainability

GEOG 312: Climate Change: Science and Society

GEOG 317: The Physical Environment of British Columbia

GEOG 318: Sustainability in a Changing Environment

GEOG 410: Environment and Society

GEOG 412: Water Management: Theory, Policy and Practice

HIST 106: Global Environmental History

MICB 301: Microbial Ecophysiology

PHIL 435: Environmental Ethics

PHYS 333: Energy and Climate

POLI 351: Environmental Politics and Policy

POLI 375A: Global Environmental Politics

PSYC 321: Environmental Psychology

SOCI 360: Sociology and Natural Resources

SOCI 420A: Sociology of the Environment

UFOR 100: Greening the City

UFOR 403: Ecological Restoration