The Education goal is aimed at ensuring each individual has accessible education and and is provided the necessary resources and opportunities in order to succeed.

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UBC Programs

Bachelor of Education


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ADHE 327: Teaching Adults

ADHE 328: Institutions of Adult Education

ADHE 329: Developing Short Courses, Workshops and sEminars

ADHE 330: The Community Practice of Adult Education

ADHE 412: An overview of Adult Education

EPSE 403: Education of Students with Developmental Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

EPSE 271: Teaching Adolescents with Special Learning Needs

EPSE 303: Teaching Highly Able Learners

EPSE 308: Human Development, Learning, and Diversity

EPSE 310A: Assessment and Learning in the Classroom - ASMNT&LRN IN CLS

EPSE 310B: Assessment and Learning in the Classroom - ASMNT&LRN IN CLS

EPSE 311: Cultivating Supportive School and Classroom Environments

EPSE 312: Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children

EPSE 316: Learning Disabilities

EPSE 317: Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom

EPSE 320: Classroom Inclusion of Students who are Blind and Visually Impaired

EPSE 408: Educational Programming for Highly Able Learners

EPSE 411: Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Individuals with Severe Speech and/or Physical Impairments

EPSE 421: Assessment of Learning Difficulties

EPSE 431: Programming for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

EPSE 432: Classroom Management

EPSE 436: Survey of Behaviour Disorders in Children and Adolescents

EPSE 437: Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Behaviour Disorders

EPSE 449: Education of Students with Autism

EPSE 481: Introduction to Research in Education

EPSE 482: Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education