As 100% of all proceeds, not just profits, of our events go to charity, there are three domains of expenses that we would greatly appreciate your help with:

Operational Expenses
These include expenses for the essentials that keep us going, such as website fees, legal fees, banking fees, and other administrative costs.

Program Expenses
These include expenses for our events, workshops, and Good Deeds trips, such as remuneration for artists and performers, rental costs, and transportation.

Expansion Expenses
These include expenses for giving new branches the tools they need to get started, allowing us to expand our vision and reach.

As our work is not possible without the kind generosity of sponsors, we really appreciate all of the support that allows us to keep us going and growing. 

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Zeke at zeke.generocksity@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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