The Community Enhancement goal is aimed towards improving our community through ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals, supporting marginalized groups, and creating a positive culture throughout our communities and beyond.

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KIN 261: Health Policy and Society

SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Welfare

SOWK 201: Introduction to Social Work Practice

ANTH 100A: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 201A: Ethnic Relations

ANTH 202A: Contemporary Social Problems

ANTH 202B: Contemporary Social Problems

ANTH 210: Eating Culture

ANTH 213: Sex, Gender, and Culture

ANTH 215: Japanese Popular Culture

ANTH 217: Culture and Communication

POLI 345: Gender and Politics

GRSJ 102: Decolonizing and Feminist Perspectives from Local to Global

FNIS 100: Indigenous Foundations

FNIS 210: Indigenous Politics and Self-Determination

FNIS 220: Representation and Indigenous Cultural Politics

ANTH 220: First Nations of British Columbia

URST 200: Cities

GEOG 250: Cities

GEOG 350: Introduction to Urban Geography