Change The Way We Give.


We are Generocksity.

Generocksity is a completely student-run non-profit organization* dedicated to educating young adults on the importance of philanthropy and how easily it can be integrated into their daily lives to help develop life-long habits of effective giving. According to Stats Canada (2013), young adults aged 20-24 make up the least philanthropic population in Canada and are the least likely to donate their time or money in any amount. We believe this is an issue of poor education rather than poor intentions and that given the proper motivation and precise tools to take initiative, our generation can become leaders and innovators in effective philanthropy.

To help young adults become more engaged in philanthropic endeavours and develop lifetime habits of giving, Generocksity has developed a 5 pronged approach.

1. Good Times (Charity Events): We organize large scale entertainment events including concerts, parties and comedy nights, with 100% of proceeds benefiting local charities, while always supporting local artists, musicians and comedians.

2. Good Deeds Volunteering Trips: An opportunity for young adults to come out on trips to help others in their community such as serving food at a soup kitchen, or doing arts and crafts with patients at a children’s hospital. During our Good Deeds, young adults are able to do good while learning about different local charities and the marginalized populations they support.

3. Educational Workshops: We organize workshops where young adults are given the motivation and specific tools to achieve their own philanthropic goals. Each workshop features inspirational and informative talks from a wide array of successful social entrepreneurs, academics and leaders in the field of philanthropy.

4. Consulting: We offer free social enterprise and fundraising consultations and mentorships, where we help young adults and student clubs organize successful fundraisers and grow their own organizations.

5. Philanthropy Database: We have created a new philanthropic database which will contain charities, non-profits, social enterprises, clubs and initiatives at our schools, and university courses all of which align with our new 8 Education Goals. We envision this as being the philanthropic one-stop shop for students and alike. With our database, we hope to provide our users with multiple ways of giving back including monetary, through volunteering, campus and city-wide involvement, as well as suggesting courses offered at UBC that will educate students on these topics.

Beginning with only 5 teenagers in November 2013, Generocksity has quickly grown into a organization with over 100 active team members distributed across six of Canada’s largest universities and New York City. While building a reputation for holding tremendously fun and inspiring events that significantly benefit the local community, Generocksity has engaged over 7,500 young adults and raised over $100,000 for more than 25 local charities.

*Generocksity is incorporated under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act